Free in-home estimates:
Unlike Home Depot and other generator dealers that charge $150 for an estimate, NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC offers free in-home estimates Monday through Saturday by a factory-trained professional. Since no two homes are the same, we will evaluate your electrical system and integrate an automatic standby generator system that meets your family needs and budget, and we can install it the next day if in stock. No need to wait for weeks. This is what we do best. Call NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC today.

Friends/Family $100 Referral Bonus:
Tell a friend or family member about us, and if we install any size standby generator, you will receive $100 may not be used with any other offer.

$100 senior discount:
Seniors will receive $100 off any installation of a standby generator.

Brands that we service:
NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC offers service for these residential generators.
Kohler, Generac, Guardian, Guardian Elite, Generac Power System, Guardian Quiet Source, Quiet Source by Generac Power System, GE, Cummins, Onan, Briggs and Stratton, Gillette,, Katolight, Winco, Kohler Power System, Detroit Deisel, Dayton, Olympian, Caterpillar, Baldor, Asco, Zenith, and many others.

Home Generator Installation Chicago
Protect your home and business with the biggest selection of standby generators anywhere.

NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC installs all major brands and can assist you with your standby generator requirements. We can properly size and install a backup power system for your home or business that’s perfect you and at a competitive price. Our 25 years of experience is put to work for you. We are a locally owned and operated company, and we’re customer focused. We can install a system in one day or less, and 99.9% of our installations for air-cooled generators are completed on time.

Manufacturers’ warranty and coverage:
NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC will warranty any product sold and installed. We are factory authorized and perform warranty work. All warranty work is performed during regular business hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

What is covered under this warranty:
All parts, labor, and travel costs are covered. Each manufacturer’s warranty is different. Ask your sales representative for details on the brand and model you would like to purchase.

What is not covered under this warranty:

  • Emergency service calls are not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty. This is their policy, not ours. It is the responsibility of the owner or the individual initiating the call. Rates are listed below.
  • Any alterations made to the equipment are not covered, nor is negligence due to lack of maintenance resulting in electrical or mechanical damage or breakdown of the equipment.
  • Routine maintenance, such as oil/filters, battery, spark plugs, air filters, or mechanical adjustments and calibrations are not covered.
    Acts of god such as water, snow, ice, fire, lightning, storms, and the like resulting in electrical or mechanical damage or breakdown to the equipment are not covered.
  • Any fault indicated with LED’s or readouts on the generator or transfer switch can be done by the owner by pushing the On/auto-Off-run/manual switch on the generator into the off position first, then to the auto position. Call us if you need more information on this.

Emergency services calls fees
NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC offers emergency calls 24/7. The rates for this service are as follows. Charge covers the time it takes our technicians to get from their location to your home or business, to make repairs, and to return to their previous location. Mileage charges will apply. These rates will be double that of the normal service call charge of $100 per hour. Our main competitors charge $225 per hour.

Preventive maintenance
NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC maintains a large number of residential generators and can provide you with fast, reliable, local service in the NORTHSHORE, Northwest, or western suburbs. Our area of coverage is only 50 miles. this is so that we can serve our customers faster and better than anyone else in the industry. We are the Chicagoland area leader in quality installations and service. We offer a number of generator preventive maintenance packages. Offering plans to meet your needs and budget, we offer quarterly, biannual, and annual maintenance packages.

A well-maintained generator is very important to any homeowner, and nobody does a better job than NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC. Generators, like any other mechanical equipment, must be serviced on a regular basis in order to be reliable when you need them. If not, you compromise the most important piece of equipment in your home. We service all brands and models of generators, even if your generator is old or not manufactured anymore. Most likely, we can still get parts and repair it. We service all types of generators—natural gas, diesel, or bi-fuel. We stock most PM service parts.

Preventive maintenance contract prices
All preventive maintenance contract work is performed during regular business hours: Monday – Friday 7 AM to 3 PM. Our office will contact you or leave a message prior to your service call. Service is performed outside at the generator. Upon completion of this service, we will leave a detailed inspection report sheet with the services performed and an invoice. We do not make appointments for any specific time to service these units, but we can give you a 4-hour time frame as to when we can service your generator.

The prices listed below are exclusive for new customers using this website. Just mention this when you call us. Prices include materials and labor. Prices are only for natural gas or propane generators, and they’re good for generators up to 50 kW. For generators larger than 50 kW, an estimate is required.

Payment is due at time of service by check or credit card. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. The billing is done on the day of service, and it will be on a recurring basis. If paying by check and no one is home at the time of service, payment is due within 10 days of service being completed. You will be charged only after the services have been completed.

For services offered below:
**Emergency service calls are available to any of our customers. Emergency call charges will apply for all packages listed below. See emergency calls fees above.
***The generator alarm is supplied by us. A deposit for the equipment is required, Your deposit is refundable in full upon cancellation of your one-year contract monitoring service.




* Air cooled ……………….$ 225.00
* Liquid cooled ……………$ 250.00
* N.G and L.P units only
* 2 years’ contract required
* 10% discount on parts and labor
* Payment required at time of service
* We call you 1 day before unit is serviced
* We answer the phone 24/7, unlike our competitors
* Free 24/7 costumer assistance, unlike our competitors
* Alarm monitoring and phone dialer***
* Emergency service calls available 24/7, (At an additional cost)
* Air cooled ……………….$ 450.00
* Liquid cooled ……………$ 510.00
* N.G and L.P units only
* 2 years’ contract required
* 15% discount on parts and labor
* Payment required at time of service
* We call you 1 day before unit is serviced
* We answer the phone 24/7, unlike our competitors
* Free 24/7 costumer assistance, unlike our competitors
* Alarm monitoring and phone dialer ***
* Emergency service calls available 24/7,
(At an additional cost)
* Air cooled ……….$ 155.00 to $205.00
* Liquid cooled ……….$ 200.00 to $250.00
* Travel charges apply
* No contract required
* We answer the phone 24/7, unlike our competitors
* Free 24/7 costumer assistance, unlike our competitors
* Emergency service calls available 24/7,
(At an additional cost)

***Alarm monitoring and phone dialer, these devices are available for the residential and commercial customer interested in monitoring their generator 24/7, and are available at an additional cost a free estimate is required.

A maintained generator will take care of you when the power goes out.

Generator alarm/monitoring
Our generator alarm/monitoring device monitors your generator system in real-time events 24/7. For example, if your generator does not start or goes into a fault for any reason and you’re not home, this device will contact our technicians with a phone dialer or wireless device, and we will respond immediately.

Generator monitoring plans Just $30 per month
Your generator is monitored by NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC 24/7. If a fault or alarm with your generator occurs, our 24-hour service department is contacted, and a technician is dispatched. Call for further details. Deposit for equipment will be required. A one-year minimum contract required for this service is payable in advanced. Emergency service call fees will apply.

A word of advice before you sign any contract.
There are many companies out there that install home standby generators. Some are good at what they do. Most have been installing generators for 5 or 10 years and are still wet behind the ears when it comes to generators and repairs. There’s one company in the Northshore that even uses lawn sprinkler installers for their generator installations, and we clean up after their bad installations all the time.

Still others will not even call you back within a reasonable time. Most will advertise or offer you only one brand because they are dependent on that particular manufacturer’s co-op advertising money and incentives. Most will tell you all brands of generators are the same. If that were true, they would all have the same price and warranty. Don’t believe it for a second. You can get all the references in the world for them, and the lowest price to go along with it, but you still don’t know if they’re the right company for you.

NORTHSHORE POWER ELECTRIC has always offered their customers a choice of price, quality, and performance. We believe that customers deserve better than what they’re getting from our competition. Always ask questions before you decide, and remember that you get what you pay for in the end.

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